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International Trade

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We assist you with complicated procedures for import/export transaction, business with foreign companies and private import.

Representative services
E Delivery arrangement of international transportation
E Consular visa processing
E Application of trade-related documents to Chamber of Commerce and
@Industry for authentication

E B/L pick-up, D/O switch, booking space, dispatch of documents   (for both
@foreign and domestic), overseas correspondence and other services including
@export packing and delivery arrangement.
E Export license procedure for Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
E Import and export license procedure at Legal Affairs Bureau,
Health, Labor
@and Welfare Ministry, Animal Quarantine Station, 
Notary Public Office and
@Foreign Ministry
E Consulting service related to import/export trade business

E Translation into various languages

E Documentation
    Shipping documents for customs clearance (both import and export)
@ Documents for negotiating bank based on L/C, D/A and D/P.

@@Documents for application

Taking advantage of our abundant experience in trading field, we strongly believe that our services meet your expectation.

We are always ready to offer our service with sincerity whenever you need.

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into Japanese?

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